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Prijon Delerium – Review

The delirium is easily the most comfortable boat in its class due to the fact that it has no pillars and the end, despite being slicy is still large enough to accomodate size 10/11 feet and respectable sized wetboots comfortably. The fit kit that came with the boat is good- the ‘booster seat’ which came with it is very effective – it is comfortable and because of its form fitting shape offers great control.

Also the extra 2 cm or so allows you to transfer your weight a little better making cartwheels easier and other moves involving weight transfer easier. The backrest is the best in any type of boat. It offers support due to its shape that you do not get in any other boat, it also seems to be higher up in the boat making it more comfortable over greater periods of time.

River running ability:- Very entertaining!, the strange shape of the back end does make the Delirium a little trippy over eddy lines at times but so long as you are on the ball when you are paddling and are willing to duracell bunny through any hole or stopper you encounter then its okay!
Also- expect to be backlooped!!!

Flats: Very easy to cartwheel/stall etc.

Playtime: Great! before I bought this boat in the summer, I could just about cartwheel (I was paddling a Perception Amp) since then I have got cartwheels working fairly well. I can splitwheel on occasions and other moves have opened up to me. One strange quirk of the myself/the boat is that in some holes I can reverse full loop- but not forward loop!?

Other things: It is possible to fit a Black BDH container sideways behind the seat. The loops on the front of the seat hold a throwline but not a vacuum flask (especially not the stainless steel kind!!)

Prijon plastic = strong!



  1. Floran

    Bonjour je mesure 1 m 87 et pèse 75 kg est ce que le prijon delirium pourrait me convenir ?

    • Unsponsored

      Would be a good size for you and much heavier. I am taller and heavier than you and still had plenty of room.

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