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Old School Series – Wavesport Sessions

Sessions is the newest DVD offering from Wave Sport and on the whole this is a great little freebie, but at only 22 mins it will leave you wanting more. There is a great mix between creeking and playboating, with most of the time being given to creeking or river running. There is also a 5 minute montage which highlighted some of the better spots around North America, including Canada.


Other parts of the movie are a little weak, particularly the section on Meadow River. This is basically a chance for some of the WS team to use the head cam on a leisurely paddle down a Wales sized river. This however was more like a day any of us might have on the river and was just showing that it is fun to go boating even if you don’t get to paddle the 30ft waterfalls they show later in the film.


The music was suited to the kind of paddling that the guys were doing which is for the most part having a slow paddle down a river and playing about whilst doing it. It really makes you want to get out there and just play. It does however leave you wanting a bit more from the movie and this is where you turn to the special features. The special features section provides much longer segments and are much longer than the actual movie. The special features show the highlights from the Wave Sport open as well as some great little movies from some team paddlers that I would strongly recommend watching yourself, especially Road Trip Boredom.


Overall the movie is a great little addition to your collection but you will be glad you didn’t have to pay for it. I really do love the ending when they show loads of members of Team Wave Sport in a Polaroid type frame which shows a video clip of them as it moves across the screen. But after watching it again to write this review I realised just how short the movie actually is and how I spent longer watching WS commercials than the movie itself. But remember it is free and we all know that can’t be bad so if you can get yourself a copy then do. You won’t regret it.

Nathan (play_boater)


  1. John

    How does one get a copy? I could not find a link or an address in your article.

    • admin

      It as available direct from WS a few years ago. I don’t think you can get hold of it now.

  2. John

    This article was written when? It showed up on my Playak digest today, 1/26/2013, and it says that the Sessions video is “the newest offering from WaveSport.” Hmmm, might want to change that sentence just a little bit since you said the video came out “a few years ago.”

    • admin

      This is part of the “Old School Series” from the Unsponsored archives. Old School Series indicates it is from one of the 1st iterations of my site.

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