Remember Nurpu and Vahalla? Well Wehyakin is the third kayaking video from Teton Gravity as is produced, directed, edited and filmed by Arden Orsanen and Trask McFarland.


The Nez Perce (a Native American tribe in Idaho) look to their Wehyakin for guidance through known lands and over uncertain horizons. So this is where the Teton Gravity get the name for there newest kayaking DVD.

After a short introduction the action kicks off straight away with a trip to what must be Europes new kayaking mecca – Norway.


Norway is shown in its glory within the first few minutes of the show, with some huge falls being run at horrendous speeds. These guys are definitely pushing the envelope. A few close calls in Norway precedes some excellent kayak surfing in Hawaii with Arnd Schaftlien and huge monster surf in Calafornia/Baja. Those who have watched Corran Addisons End Game will recognize the prototype Riot surf kayak that Arnd paddles.


The action out in the surf really shows what is capable in the surf if you own a modern plastic kayak.

Paddling Athletes include:

Alex Allen, Corey Boux, Brandon Knapp, Corran Addison, Flemming Schmidt, Mariann Saether, Morten Eilertsen, Jon Andresson, Shane Spencer, Ben Selznick, Seth Warren, Matt Rusher, Marlow Long, Nick Turner, Brooks Baldwin, Hobie, Becky Bristow, Scott Fiendel and Matt Wilson.

As well as some top river action from Norway, British Colombia, Idaho, Mexico, Montcully and Iceland there is also a “Go Big Or Go Home” section showing the best of the big aerial moves being pulled in the world today. Truely inspirational. These guys are pulling huge moves and getting there boats well clean of the water. It also nicely demonstrates the range of features these moves are being pulled on/in. Great to see, just wish I could pull off any of those moves.


The DVD is extremely well edited and the video quality itself is at the highest level I have seen for a kayaking DVD. Shots are crisp and well edited. With a wide variety action that keeps you interested.

The music is quite good (IMO) and comes from:

Atmosphere, Cowboys and Monsters, Index Case, John Brown’s Body, Ozomatli, Slightly Stoopid, Thievery Coporation, Swollen Members, and The Many Faces Of Oliver Hart.

Wehyakin isn’t just about creeking, running waterfalls or surf or play but a really good mix of them all. The DVD illustrates well the areas of the sport that many of us are into. This in itself is reason enough to get your sticky mitts on a copy of Wehyakin – put it in the DVD machine, sit back, relax and prepare yourself for one of the best kayaking DVD’s of 2004.