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Production Pyranha 9R MKII

Unsponsored was able to get a closer look at a prototype of the new Pyranha 9R MKII earlier this year. You can check those images out by clicking here.

Thanks to Nick Jones Photography we have some images of the production Pyranha 9R MKII that was released today. Nick took the images at Go Kayaking North West paddle sports store. Go Kayaking North West have both stock and demos of the new boat available right now.

Production Pyranha 9R MKII
Production Pyranha 9R MKII

So here it is withe some detail from Pyranha about the changes that make this boat different from the MKI.

The boat shown in these shots is the Medium and is in production now. A Large version is due later in 2019.

Production Pyranha 9R MKII

A tweaked rocker profile with a subtle stern kicker ensures maximum effective waterline while the kayak is being driven forwards but releases the stern when you ease off the power to enable tighter turns; essentially, the 9R II gives you the speed of a 10’ kayak, with the manoeuvrability of an 8’ kayak.

Production Pyranha 9R MKII

Width has been added higher up the cross-section around the seam line, particularly towards the stern, leading to softer stern sidewalls for smoother moves, whilst maintaining enough of the stern control edges for tracking and carving.

Production Pyranha 9R MKII

The overall width of the hull’s planning surface has been maintained, but with the centre portion narrowed down just a touch for faster straight-line speed and edge to edge transitions.

The combination of that wider stern, tailored rocker profile, and stern kicker help reduce tail tapping when coming off the lip of drops and keep the bow down when travelling through features, while a slightly wider bow and secondary release edge in addition to the bow wave deflectors keep the hull planing at speed on the water’s surface.

Production Pyranha 9R MKII

A pronounced peak to both the bow and stern decks promotes more efficient shedding of water when punching through features or resurfacing after drops, and in combination with additional volume focused around the stern deck, increases the handling on bigger volume runs and for paddlers at the top of the weight range.

Paddle entry cutaways allow more efficient, vertical placement of key strokes, and are shielded from water-loading by a bow volume step which is tied into the style of the bow handle recess.

A bow rescue point has been added to complete the array of drop-forged aluminium security handles and rescue points; a rescue point was chosen rather than a second, full-sized handle to keep the overall weight of the kayak to a minimum.

The open stern handle recess we experimented with on the 9R Large to increase the efficiency of water shedding from the stern deck, and which has now also been tried and tested in the Machno, carries through into the 9R II; the handle is placed slightly inboard for protection, but remains easily accessible for off-the-water handling of the boat and swimmer rescues.

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  1. Mike Wright

    Its Beautifully redesign! The specs are really good… and the colors are also, where ones buy one of them?

  2. Simon

    Really pleased its a bit larger as at 85kg I never fitted either 9r very well.

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