Name: Elliott Davidson (

Location: Nottingham

I am a canoe slalom athlete I paddle internationally for Ireland on the U23 & Senior team. I’m based in Nottingham, UK. I’m a full time athlete and train on the national white water course twice a day 6 days a week. I love anything kayaking related so when I’m not doing slalom I hit the river in my plastic boat. Although I prefer it when there’s a clock on it, but hey I might make it to Sickline eventually.


Photo: Galasport

Canoe Slalom Kit:

Helmet – Galasport Tony

BA – Sandiline Pro

Cagdeck – Sandiline E-Flx Long Sleve

Thermals – Reed Transpire Fleece

Shorts – Sandiline Splash 20 Short

Shoes – Sandiline Low shoes Sand

Boat – Galasport Sonic Boom

Paddles – Galasport Meg Midi 198 cm 35 degrees


Im very thankful for the support I get with my slalom gear, I’m sponsored by Galasport, Squarerock and Reed. This means any equipment I need, I get through one of my sponsors. I was using their products before I was sponsored by them this is because they are the best products I have encountered. I only use products I feel are good quality and complement my training regardless of the extremes I put them through.

Up and coming plans:

I have selection for the 2015 season at the beginning of March over in Ireland. This competition will decide what I will be able to do over the summer months on the international circuit. I hope I’m able to do as much if not more than last summer where I was away for over 2 months abroad, training and competing both at U23 and senior level. This will hopefully take me all over Europe as I will often spend a week at each different location before moving on to the next venue. On top of this I will be competing in the UK Premiership races and domestic races over in Ireland throughout the year.

Highlight Reel from 2014

River Running Kit:

Helmet – Sweet Rocker

BA – Yak Styx

Cag – Yak Kaleva

Deck – Yak Kraken

Thermals – Reed Transpire Fleece

Trousers – Yak Khago

Shoes – Teva (not sure which pair, but an old set)

Boat – Zet Raptor

Paddles – Straight Lendal kinetic’s 198 cm 35 degrees

Due to training full time my wallet isn’t full of money because the amount of training involved doesn’t allow for a job. I’ve been very fortunate to have been passed this gear down from my Dad who used to paddle. I will be looking to replace this equipment over time. It does the job well, the only thing is that it doesn’t fit me brilliantly, otherwise I really like it and would keep it.

Up and coming plans:

I have entered the Moriston River Race the last two years and have really enjoyed it. I hope to enter it again providing it dosen’t clash with any slalom training or competitions. I would like to get out on the rivers more as this is something that has taken a back seat due to training commitments and not being able to drive. If I were in my plastic boat more I think I would feel more confident, one of my goals is to eventually enter Sickline once I find my balls. This year I hope to go on a WWSR course to increase my knowledge and to have a bit more fun I will jump in a play boat this summer and see what I can do. The great thing is that this all contributes to more experience which compliments my slalom training.

Thanks for taking the time reading my reader rider profile. If you want to follow me on my travels throughout the year or if you just want to read some of my blogs, please head over to my website