The Reader’s Ride series is back for 2020. This series showcases the kit that boaters just like you are using. This is the first for 2020 from Keith Elliott.

Reader’s Rides – Keith Elliott


Silverbirch Agent 8.8 fitted with Tribal air bags.


Zap Gen 2 custom paddle (import from USA)


Lomo 60L duffle bag
Typhoon MS4 drysuit
Typhoon undersuit
IR Nano shorty cag
Sweet Protection supernova goretex dry cag
Sweet Protection Shambala shorts
Unbranded merino wool base layer
BawBags base layer used as rash vest
NRS farmer John wetsuit
WRSI S-Turn elbow pads
Astral Brewer 2.0 shoes
Nookie changing mat
Homemade changing robe (thanks to the missus)
IR pogies
HF drybag (replaced my old one of 25 yrs)
Watershed Ocoee drybag 
Astral Greenjacket PFD
Sweet Protection Wanderer helmet
Alpkit Brukit stove / boiler

PFD safety kit includes:

Fox whistle, DMM sling, various DMM carabiners, and Whetman prussiks.
Life Systems first aid kit
HF throwline (New and never used in anger yet thankfully, I think Kelvin rom Sweet Skills has used it more to demonstrate eddy lines on a recent skills course 😂)
Ocoee dry bag contents are spare hat, gloves, hand sanitiser, repair kit inc duct tape, emergency blanket and still plenty room for snacks.

Longest serving item:

I’ve recently had a bit of a kit replacement / upgrade so it would probably be the Typhoon MS4 dry suit which I have to say has been excellent as its now into its 5th (I think) winter, the neck and wrist seals were replaced beginning of last autumn and the suit was pressure tested by Typhoon and all was still good.

Couldn’t live without:

Alpkit Brukit, after all who doesn’t love a fresh brew when you’ve just got off the water.

Newest Item:

Sweet Protection Wanderer helmet as always with Sweet an excellent product super comfy straight out the box.

Words & pictures: Keith Elliott