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Sweet Rocker – Review

I have been using a Sweet Strutter on and off for the past 10 years. The Strutter is a M/L and fits great and I have on occasion tried on a M/L Sweet Rocker when in a kayak store but have always found them a little bit too snug. Last year I tried on the new “plastic” Rocker in L/XL and bought it. The best helmet will always be the one that offers you the best protection and fit.

The new Rocker is made from a plastic outer with carbon fibre re-enforment at key points. The padding is similar to that found in bicycle helmets and is covered with a lightly padded fabric cover. Self adhesive shims are supplied with the Rocker so you can customise the fit.

At the rear of the helmet is Sweet’s Occi-Grip which is used to create a nice snug fit and prevent the helmet from rolling around. Getting a good (and safe) fit doesn’t take very long. The Rocker is supplied with a pair of ear pads and a visor. Both can be added or removed very quickly.

Sweet produce a very similar helmet called the Trooper that is designed for Snow sports. This is essentially the same helmet and many use these on the water. However they are not designed for on the water use.

Over the last year or so the helmet has been used great deal. I have taken minor knocks whilst wearing it and it is holding up really well. The fit is superb and the amount of coverage is ideal. I’ve tried it with and without the peak and much prefer using the lid without the peak attached.


  1. nate

    i wish the snaps for the earpads did not break off all the time, and when they do i wish sweet would do something about it…outstanding helmets, terrible customer service, at least for common folk

  2. Brad Colville

    I still love the Strutter for sunny days, play, and runs where I am probably not going to get a big hit to the head. I have an older Rocker with solid ears and my wife has a Wanderer. They are better helmets in every way except one…Temple Coverage. Found the same thing when looking at the new Rockers, both open and full face. The helmets need to come farther forward and maybe a little lower to cover this vital and soft spot. It need not cause a loss of any periferal vision. Look at any hockey helmet…a sport where I took many more blows to the head. Sweet Protection helmets are the best kayaking helmets on the market, but there is room for improvement.

  3. Johann

    The old Rocker sits lower on the head. I am still using my 8-9 years old and love it. Bought a new one last year and ended up selling because I somehow didn’t fit me. Can’t really put my finger on what they changed from the old models.
    I also have a Holy Diver and love it. By far the coolest helmet Sweet has made.

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