I have been using a Sweet Strutter on and off for the past 10 years. The Strutter is a M/L and fits great and I have on occasion tried on M/L Rockers when in a kayak store but have always found them a little bit too snug. Last year I tried on the new “plastic” Rocker in L/XL and bought it. The best helmet will always be the one that offers you the best protection and fit.

The new Rocker is made from a plastic outer with carbon fibre re-enforment at key points. The padding is similar to that found in bicycle helmets and is covered with a lightly padded fabric cover. Self adhesive shims are supplied with the rocker so you can customise the fit.

At the rear of the helmet is Sweet’s Occi-Grip which is used to create a nice snug fit and prevent the helmet from rolling around. Getting a good (and safe) fit doesn’t take very long. The Rocker is supplied with a pair of ear pads and a visor. Both can be added or removed very quickly.

Sweet produce a very similar helmet called the Trooper that is designed for Snow sports. This is essentially the same helmet and can be used on the water.