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GoPro Hero6 Black – First Look

Here we have a GoPro Hero6 Black – First Look. The GoPro Hero6 Black has been released to the public and we have one at Unsponsored HQ for review.

Does it look familiar?

GoPro Hero6 Black - First Look

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Getting Water Out Of My Paddle

It is possible to get water inside your paddle. This can happen when there is a break in the seal on one of joints and water finds its way in or if a blade has been damaged/punctured. There are a number of solutions for “getting water out of my paddle” ranging from the simple to the extreme.

Getting Water Out Of My Paddle

In most cases if water is a problem then it would have found its way into the paddle shaft. However some paddle blades have a hollow or foam core. If punctured a hole can be created that allows the blade to also take on water.

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Save the Conwy – It’s Not Over Yet

The Afon Conwy has now been under threat since 2013! RWE have been pursuing plans to dam, divert and draw power from the river for over 2 years! This scheme has the potential to ruin the river’s delicate eco-system, provide misery on the roads and damage local businesses & communities.

Save the Conwy

The National Park’s verdict on the proposed scheme will be given on the 2nd March, 10am at Plas Tan y Bwlch. If you oppose the scheme then please attend and show your solidarity.

The date and time is awkward but if you can be there please do so to represent those like myself who will not be able to leave work. It is essential that the momentum continues.

Keep up to date by visiting the following:

Stop The Damming Of The River Conwy

RWE Innogy have submitted a planning application to dam the river Conwy and build a hydro electric power plant. The Afon Conwy is a unique & nationally important river designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest, a famous salmon & sea trout fishery and classic white water kayaking and canoeing resource.

Save the Conwy – Action required!

The section of the river that will be affected by the dam includes the famous Conwy Falls waterfall a significant visitor attraction and the iconic Fairy Glen.

If you are UK based and wish to help save the Conwy please visit the new online petition page here.

Save The Conwy – FAQ Update

Save The Conwy - FAQ Update

The proposed hydro scheme on the River Conwy has been getting a fair bit of news recently, particularly on social media. In summary one of the greatest stretches of whitewater in the UK is still under real threat.

Alternative power sources are an important part of our overall energy plan in the UK the small benefit in power generation in this case needs to be weighed against the damage to the river and surrounding ecosystem.

Save The Conwy - FAQ Update

Please some time to read the FAQ summary here. You will also find details on how you can have your say about the scheme.

GoPro Lens Caps

Replacement parts are available for all of the GoPro range but I prefer to try and prevent any damage particularly when the camera and case are in my bag. One of easiest parts to damage is the lens of both the camera itself and the lens area on waterproof case. Damage to either of these will ruin footage.


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GoPro Hero 4 Warranty

Given the number of GoPro related posts on this site it is pretty obvious that I am a huge GoPro fan and always have a couple of cameras on the go.

My latest camera, purchased just after release, is a GoPro Hero 4 black edition. Lats week I noticed that the silver fascia of the camera was cracked. The camera is only used in its housing and I can’t recall ever dropping the camera.


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Falls Of Falloch – Broken Back

A few weeks ago myself and a group of friends were kayaking in Scotland on our annual easter trip with Salford University. We were having a great time, kayaking some really beautiful Scottish white water.

On Easter Sunday we hatched an ambitious plan to hit 4 runs in one day and make the most of the water levels before they dropped because of sunshine. The first order of business was a 30 foot waterfall near Loch Lomond in Stirling called the Falls of Falloch. This waterfall is famous with kayakers as being a very friendly waterfall to run and practice on.

Falls Of Falloch - Broken Back
Falls Of Falloch – Broken Back

After checking it out we were all happy and we got kitted up and psyched up for what would have been the biggest drop any of us would have done. My friend dropped the falls first and did it perfectly, after seeing him do it I geared up to paddle this beautiful drop. I hit the line and tucked for the impact at the bottom, unfortunately once I plunged into the pool at the bottom I knew immediately something was wrong. My landing was slightly horizontal, my back was in agony and I couldnt move.

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Carbon Fibre Repair

Nick Wright, engineer and all round carbon fibre repair guru has sent this slalom K1 repair in to the site. Many thanks Nick.


Once again, by poor old slalom boat was not doing too well, and it was time to fix it up (especially with BUCS just around to corner). The current problem was that the very end of the tail was cracked and leaking quite badly.

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A Few Kayak Repairs

I spent lunch time today carrying out a few kayak repairs by welding up a couple of boats. The first was a 6 month old Pyranha Karnali which had been damaged after its pilot left it to run the Morriston River Race by itself. First impressions indicated that the nose of the boat has been turned up, however the hull shows no sign of deformation.

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Caring For Your Kit – Part I

Buying new kit is an expensive business. But by following a few easy guidelines you can help keep your kit in good condition which will keep you dry and save you some cash along the way.

A number of simple things can be done that are’t difficult or expensive but can add years onto the life of your kit.

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