Given the number of GoPro related posts on this site it is pretty obvious that I am a huge GoPro fan and always have a couple of cameras on the go.

My latest camera, purchased just after release, is a GoPro Hero 4 black edition. Lats week I noticed that the silver fascia of the camera was cracked. The camera is only used in its housing and I can’t recall ever dropping the camera.


It was a fairly simple repair as the fascia is only help on with some double sided tape and a few tabs around the outer edge. Pulling it apart without any further damage was super easy. I then proceeded to fix the broken part with the aid of some super glue and dropped GoPro an enquiry about getting hold of a new fascia.

I was expecting a simple yes/no but instead was asked for an image of the damage, proof of purchase and the serial number of the camera. All of the above was sent and I received a very swift reply asking me to place the GoPro in the mail (at GoPro’s cost) as a new one would be sent back in return!!


The new GoPro Hero 4 warranty replacement arrived today, less than a week after sending the original one back.

Once again a superb and swift service from the GoPro customer service/warranty team.