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Werner Paddles Surge And Strike

For those paddlers seeking the utmost power and dependable catch in a high impact resistant fiberglass layup. Tested by some of the best expedition kayakers in the world on some of the most demanding rivers. The Surge delivers confidence with every stroke.

Werner Paddles Surge And Strike
Werner Surge
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New Whitewater Paddles From Werner

Werner have released details for two new whitewater paddles. Both of the paddles have an offset paddle shaft as first seen on the Odachi.

First up is the the Surge:

For those paddlers seeking the utmost power and dependable catch in a high impact resistant fiberglass layup. The Surge has a 725cm2 surface area and comes in at 999g with a straight shaft and 1070g with a bent shaft. This means that the Surge paddle blade is larger than the popular Shogun by 14cm2.

New Whitewater Paddles From Werner
Werner Surge
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Werner Paddles Blaze

Werner Paddles have released a new colour for some of their whitewater line up.

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Soul Waterman – Proton Paddle

The Soul Waterman – Proton paddle is hitting production.

Soul Waterman - Proton Paddle

From Corran:

After some soul searching (pun intended) of our ultimate goals with the paddle line, we once more have the paddles ready to go. The biggest focus…. the main reason for delays… was making the paddles bomb proof. Like seriously strong. For this we decided to move the production to South Africa, one of the harshest environments you’ll ever find for paddling equipment. If stuff lasts here, it’ll last anywhere.

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Soul Waterman – Seven2

Corran Addison’s company Soul Waterman now officially owns Seven2 paddles. Way back when we had a few pairs of Seven2 paddles at Unsponsored HQ and were pretty impressed by them (even though they were all right handed).

Soul Waterman - Seven2

Seven 2 are back with an initial 100pc run.

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Werner Graphics

There is no doubt that Werner produce some great paddles. We love the Sidekick and Powerhouse paddles here at Unsponsored HQ. But if you were after something a little different from red, orange or blue blades then you would have to search elsewhere. Last year we started to see a number of new colour and graphic options on some of the range. Werner have now stepped it up a gear and have a new option for some of the whitewater paddle range.

Werner Graphics

The Sherpa and Powerhouse glass range will be available with a new graphic.

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Werner Engineering Team

The Werner engineering team talks us through the features incorporated into the new Odachi whitewater paddles.

Werner Engineering Team

We are hoping to get a set here at Unsponsored HQ very soon for review.

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Palm Equipment – Factory Tour

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to visit the guys at Palm Equipment.


Palm have been around since 1979 and not only do they manufacture a wide range of watersports softwear they are also the brains and organisation behind Dagger Europe along with a number of other Confluence brands in Europe.

Andy Knight started the company, Palm Glass Fibre Mouldings Ltd as it was known then, in 1979 and as the name suggests the company focussed on composite kayaks. The first range of paddle clothing was launched fives years later at the Crystal Palace canoe show (London).

I received an invite from Paul Robertson (Cheesy) to travel down to Palm HQ for a tour and an opportunity to talk about forthcoming developments. How could I possibly turn that down? So a suitable date and time was arranged and I travelled the hundreds of miles south with my camera gear in tow.

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Shoulder Injuries Study – Bent Vs Straight Shaft

John Nestler is researching what impact the paddle has on the types of shoulder injuries kayakers have suffered and he needs your help.

Shoulder Injuries Study - Bent Vs Straight Shaft

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Vertical Element Explorer Aircore Pro Paddles – Review

I have been using VE paddles for some time now as I was able to very quickly order a set of customs left handed cranked full carbon paddles and have them delivered within in matter of days. Superb service. This was a lifesaver and I have found that the construction and durability is as good as the customer service.

I was intrigued when I saw that VE also make a range of Sea Kayaking/Touring paddles. I managed to get hold of a set of Vertical Element Explorer Aircore Pro paddles for review.

I grew up on the North East coast of England and spent a great deal of time paddling in the sea whether it be surfing or exploring the cliffs and rocky shore a matter of a few miles from my home. Although I really enjoy paddling in the sea if on a long trip in heavy swell I do get seasick and remember a number of trips when I was younger where I was hit hard by seasickness. I must confess that over the years the surfing has continued but the exploring the coast has dropped off.

However over the course of the summer I spent some time up on the West Coast of Scotland at the Unsponsored HQ summer retreat centre opposite Knoydart. This part of the world is a haven for both whitewater and sea kayaking, so it made sense to take advantage of the sheltered waters around Loch Hourn.

Vertical Element Explorer Aircore Pro Paddles - Review

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Werner Odachi – First Look

There were a couple of sets of Werner Odachi on display last weekend at the Paddle Expo in Nuremberg. Throughout the few days I was there a constant stream of paddlers, retailers and manufacturers were checking them out.

Werner Odachi - First Look

The Odachi has been designed to fulfil the needs of the new breed of whitewater racers tackling the Sickline race and similar. The blade is some 49cm long and is symmetrical to allow for a more vertical paddle stroke.

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AT’S New WW Paddles – Advanced Series First Look

Adventure Technology (AT) have always been known amongst whitewater kayakers for producing some of the best paddles that money can buy (the Elite Series). Unfortunately for many paddlers, the budget often doesn’t quite stretch far enough and we find ourselves opting for the cheaper and somewhat inferior options.

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