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Soul Kayaks – New Power Seat

Corran Addison has recently released some images of the new power seat fitted within the also new Soul composite Super Sic playboat.

New Power Seat

The power seat that was fitted to Riot kayaks back in the day (when Riot were good) was quite simply one of the best seats out there. If this new one is even half as good, it will be a winner.

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Liquidlogic – Double Down Seat System

Liquidlogic have upgraded the system used to fasten the seat into their kayaks. The Double Down seat system as it is known is also available as an aftermarket upgrade.

Liquidlogic - Double Down Seat System

The system essentially replaced the single bolt hardware used to fasten each seat pillar to the kayak with a double bolt system.

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Soul Waterman – Outfitting

We’ve been following the develops at Soul Waterman HQ for sometime. We love what Corran is doing over there and it’s great to see the line of boats that are being produced.

We shared some graphics showing what the outfitting would/could look like a few months back. The outfitting is now a reality and is being fitted to the new production line of kayaks. I’d be interested in knowing peoples thoughts on this.

Soul Waterman - Outfitting

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Outfitting Modifications

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 07.15.24

My set of modifications that I worked up for the Fluid Kayaks 2013 outfitting. I highly recommend the 2014 outfitting, but the boats with 2013 outfitting are on sale for super cheap right now, so it might be worth your time to make these changes to get the outfitting super stable and durable. Continue reading

Fluid Kayaks MOD5 Outfitting System Review

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 22.29.45

The new Mod 5 system from Fluid Kayaks looks pretty interesting. Some pretty clever ideas. Continue reading

Removing Outfitting

Sometimes you find yourself in the position of having to remove outfitting. If the outfitting has been put in well you need a few tricks of the trade to make the job that little bit easier.

Last week I picked up an Eskimo Topo Duo that had a seat pad and hip pads fitted. The foam used had its own layer of re-enforced sticky tape so was stuck on pretty hard.

Step one was to remove the foam by ripping it off the seat. There was no way that the foam was going to come off cleanly so it was simply ripped away leaving the layer of glue.

Removing Outfitting

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