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Throw bag / Throw line Modification

I had a bit of time today so had a go at modifying my two throw lines. I much prefer the “clean” rope principle where the end of the throw line that you keep hold of is a clean piece of rope i.e. has no knots or tubing.


Throw bag / Throw line Modification


The second modification I carried out was the removal of the tubing from the bag end of the line and the reduction in the size of the loop. The idea is that the loop is big enough to clip a karabiner into but is far too small to get a hand stuck.


Throw bag / Throw line Modification


Throw bag / Throw line Modification


  1. Dazz

    It’s also worth Retying the knot in the bottom of the bag. I use a figure 8 knot and leave a decent length of tail so it doesn’t slip and come loose.

  2. Josh

    I made the same adjustments to my HF bag. I also cut the plastic tube and kept it on the small “krab loop” just for durability.

  3. Targett

    My HF bag bottom loop has been replaced with spectra tape tied to be only clippable and then clipped on the inside by a screw gate to the rope tied with a bowline that way I can quickly have a completely clean line and always have that one screw gate spare that you’re short in any given scenario!

  4. Rob

    the plastic loops are great to keep for someone modifying an open boat. people always asked at the shop for them.

  5. Anthony Laprell

    I’ve done the same but kept a shortened piece of tube on the bag loop to protect the line.

  6. Alex Edinborough

    there is always a chance that a double figure of 8 will pull through, especially when wet (so will a bowline). to remedy this you can tie a stopper knot on the short end and it will be a lot harder to pull through

  7. Lars

    Could you please explain why you prefer the “clean” rope principle? Is it so you are sure that you can relate your grip if the kayak pulls you away?

    • Unsponsored

      The main purpose is to reduce the chances of snagging. It can also be thread through and released much easier in particular Rescue situations.

  8. Eddy

    This is odd. If you afraid of snagging, so do not use throwbag at all. Also cowtail. Just let things go like it is.

    • Unsponsored

      Having the end you hold clean is the most important. The issue of snagging is when you throw it and need to subsequently get rid of by letting go.

      • Eddy

        Of course, if released, snagging can occur. The only question is how often it happens (for me never in 30 years) and whether the knot helps and is safer than wrapping a rope around your arm.

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