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Wavesport Recon 93 – First Look

Way back last year I was lucky enough to be the first in the UK to paddle the New Wavesport Recon 83. I fell in love with the boat instantly as it reminded me how FUN paddling can be.


Soon after I ordered a Recon 93. I reckon I could happily paddle either the 93 or 83, but due to my size a little extra volume may be in order. The chosen colour – Cherry Bomb, which as it turns out was a great choice.


After a little bother with TNT last night I picked up the Recon and posted a few dodgy phone images last night. This morning I took some time going over the boat and got it set up just right.

I own a Liquid Logic Stomper 90 and the overall size of the two boats is similar but the volume distribution is quite different (comparisons and more on that in another post).


  1. Charlie

    Are dagger and wavesport the same company as the outfitting in the recon looks exactly the same as the new dagger contour outfitting minus the contour pattern?

    • admin

      They belong to the same parent company/group. The Contour outfitting has a different hip pad set up but essentially it is the same. WS have had this outfitting longer.

      • Charlie

        Ok, thanks. Great site by the way!

  2. Emrick Blanchette

    Heyy, which one do you prefer between Stomper 90 & Recon 93. I also own a stomper and I’m thinking about moving to the Recon. Thanks and great website.

  3. admin

    Interestingly I have noticed that the boat has arrived with the hip pads on the wrong sides! Quick change over and off for a paddle this AM.

  4. peter

    I have a brand ne recon83 took it to Lee Valley white water centre and wow very very happy the best kayak iv ever paddled to date a good buy me thinks

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