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Dagger RPM Max – Contour Ergo Outfitting Upgrade


Pat Keller has kindly agreed to share his Dagger RPM Max upgrade on Unsponsored. Pat has taken the standard RPM Max shell and added one of Daggers new Contour Ergo outfitting systems.

The seat swap was pretty self explanatory (a few bolts and a bit of man handling to get it in), but it’ll be best to use the plates that come with the creek seat than just washers.


Once that was in and bolted up I moved to thigh braces / backband. The old thigh braces are a one piece unit, which I cut with a saw at the places my fingers point (out of the kayak of course).


Then I lined up the newer (from a 2010 boat) thigh hooks I had laying around and matched them first to the existing back bolts, then lined them up with the cut down piece (was thigh braces, now it just acts as wall and cockpit support) and drilled this hole. Notice I drilled through both the boat and the old thigh hook turned wall brace. This is not super pretty but it seems to work fairly well.


As with all kayak modifications it is done at your own risk. Be careful at each and every stage. Measure twice and cut once and most importantly make sure that your modifications do not compromise your own safety.



  1. Phil

    Hey, thanks for posting this. I just did the same but added the step out pillar and new footrest too with a couple of extra holes. Worked really well. My step out pillar came from a nomad so I just had to cut it down a tad to make it fit, other than that, it was straightforward.

  2. Aaron

    Can you be a little more detailed (Phil or Pat) on exactly how you cut the existing thigh braces?

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