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Key Smart – First Look

We have a couple of Key Smart key storage gizmos in for test here at Unsponsored HQ. They are really neat and work well. They’ve been used for the last few weeks and as they are storing my house keys they have been used in anger a couple of times each day.

Key Smart - First Look

This swiss army style key holder will create the perfect pocket organizer and minimalist keyring. Incredibly versatile with a wide selection of accessories, our Key Smart key organizers can fit up to 100 keys.


– Aircraft Aluminum
– Stainless Steel Hardware
– Laser Engraved logo
– Polished loop for car fobs

They can be expanded to take as many keys as required. Plenty of different colours are available and even a Key Smart manufactured from titanium.

Key Smart - First Look

I often carry a bunch of keys in my dry bag and using this solution significantly reduces the chances of the keys puncturing the bag.

They are very easy to put together and so far have not required andy retightening. They are a neat solution, have become part of my EDC gear and well worth checking out.


  1. Andapo

    Nice product… it can take 100 keys and does not take much storage space and no need to have to many keychains, so it will be a usefull product.

  2. Amanda

    Late to the game, but you’re the first person I’ve seen to use a bulkier key (the Master Locks) with it. How well does it work with them? Did you have to put the second one in to balance it out?

    I have 1 bulky key, and I’m curious before buying on if it would fit as well as the standard keys.

    • Unsponsored

      I use the two keys without issue. They are for two different padlocks. My only issue is the length of the unit. The longer version would be ideal for these keys. I do have another one with a mix of keys including a master lock. It works well.

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