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Liquid Logic Stomper Review

I have owned the Stomper 90 for over 6 months and now seems like a good time for an initial review.

Having been in small play boats for so long meant that getting into the stomper felt like I had bought the Ark Royal and not a kayak. That said, on the water it does not have the bad characteristics of a big boat, for example slow to turn, slow to paddle etc. It is infact very manoeuvrable.

One of the biggest positives I have found with the Stomper is the fact that the boat rides over stoppers really well. This in turn makes the kayak much faster through whitewater. This caught me out big time during my first run out with the boat and I ended up testing my boat exit strategy after really screwing up a critical move!

The BADASS outfitting is something I’ve been familiar with for some time as I have paddled Liquid Logic boats pretty much exclusively for the last few years.

The ability to lift the backrest out of the way to get into the stern of the boat is definitely a nice refinement to the system.

The two bungee cords in front of the seat is also a great improvement. The one in the shot showing the LL Bottle is now the home for my HF throw bag. It has a tie in point that will take a karibiner which is a nice touch.

I was originally recommended to purchase some 25 litre air bags for the back of the boat. These have since been transferred to my Liquid Logic Biscuit as they are far too small for the Stomper 90. I now have Palm Equipment 35 litre bags installed in the back.

I’m currently on the search for a Prijon or Eskimo bow airbag to fit in front of the full plate footrest in the Stomper. I think that there is definitely some merit in having one installed.

Over the course of the last few months I have really enjoyed using the Stomper. It does really live up to the hype surrounding its initial launch. It is a joy to boof, resurfaces well and is a doddle to roll (or exit if needs must!)

More in a few months time.

More pics – Flickr Photo Stream Set


  1. Jeff M.

    Where were you able to purchase the Palm Equipment 35 litre bags for the stern? Nice review of the Stomper. I’m lovin’ mine so far.

  2. Paul

    Hi, Any idea where Stompers can be demo’d in the UK? I’m finding it impossible to find one! Also,Where would you put the Stomper against the competition from Dagger, Pyrhana, Wavesport and Zet?

    • Pete

      Cardiff Whitewater centre still has one to demo I think

  3. Paul Richards

    yeah it went before I got to try it πŸ™ Marsport in Reading have Stompers πŸ™‚ but flat water πŸ™ I’ve also been introduced to the Riot Magnum, which apparently is very similar but has better secondary stability and also nowhere to try them….. the search for a Hoss replacement continues lol

  4. Wayne Beck

    I loved the stomper ,it did everything I wanted well ,BUT left in the sun in Slovenia and returned to find it split along the rail, the boat only a year old and liquid logic not interested

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