The Petzl eLITE is an ultralight and compact head torch designed for emergency use. I have had one of the 1st generation units for years.

Petzl e+LITE - Review

This new version sees a number of key changes including better sealing to prevent water damage (IP67 – waterproof to -1 meter for 30 minutes) and brighter LEDs (26 lumens). The hinge system that is used in this newer model seems far more sturdy and has less tendency to allow the torch to move around by itself.

The new Petzl eLITE has also be revised so that it no longer has a strap but a retractable string and the wire clip is also now gone. The string seems OK to wear. There isn’t a great deal of tension on it but you can feel it if worn directly against the head. However as it’s self adjusting it is super easy to wear either directly on the head or rigged up on a helmet.

Petzl e+LITE - Review

The various light modes (economy white, maximum white, white strobe, red strobe, red) are all initiated by rotating the switch. The switch has good feedback and positioning it at the very top or very bottom switches the LEDs off.

Battery life is superb (see image below) and the CR2032 batteries can be found in most supermarkets, pound shops, electronic stores etc and cost very little.


Ultracompact, ultra-light (less than 5 cm long and only 27 g) emergency headlamp to always have with you
Always ready to use, can be stored with batteries (lithium CR 2032) for 10 years
Bright white lighting (26 lumens up to 29 meters) allows you to move around easily in the dark
For emergency situations, the red LED allows you to be seen from a distance (300 meters for 30 hours)
Locking on/off switch designed to prevent accidental operation
Resists extreme temperatures: -30° C to +60° C
Waterproof to -1 meter for 30 minutes (IP 67)

Weight: 27 g
Beam pattern: wide
Energy: 2 lithium CR2032 batteries (included)
Watertightness: IP 67 (waterproof to -1 meter for 30 minutes)
Certification(s): CE, ATEX (Ex II 3 GD Ex ic IIC T6, Ex tD A22, IP 68 T85 °C)

Petzl elite

For its size the e+LITE packs a power punch which makes it ideal not only for emergency use but also for those times when you need a super light torch.

The Petzl eLITE will fit nicely within a PFD or dry top pocket and be forgotten about until it’s needed on the river or when getting changed back at the car. It will handle being submersed in water for up to 30 minutes and a depth of 1m so a run down a river in a PFD etc is not an issue.

I would highly recommend adding this little gizmo to your gear list.