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Reader’s Rides 2015 – Tom Davies

Name: Tom Davies (


Location: Manchester

Origin Story:

I first started paddling when I was 10, in Newport, South Wales.


I kind of fell out of love with the sport for a bit, until I went to University in 2012, and joined Manchester University Canoe Club. Since then, I’ve rapidly grown from a full time student into a full time kayaker. I try and get away to a river every weekend, and sometimes I succeed.

Kayaking With the Boyos: 4 Guys 1 Sheep from Tom Davies on Vimeo.

Paddling Kit:

Helmet – Shred Ready Standard
BA – Palm Amp
Cag – Yak Maveric
Deck – Playboater Shock
Shoes – Vibram FiveFingers KSO (Extra toe dexterity is the best!)
Boat – Zet Raptor (Paddled an original Inazone 230 until Christmas)
Paddles – Frankenpaddles (Cobbled together from galasport blades and a salvaged shaft. New ones are definitely on my list!)


The Future:

This year, I’m planning to run bigger and better rivers, as well as try and get into more freestyle paddling. I also aim to finish my degree, and go in a path that lets me paddle as much as physically possible!

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    Well Done Tom I hope you succeed with your plans .Your Dad would have been so proud of you

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