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Spade Kayaks – New Paddles

Spade Kayaks have just released details of two new sets of paddles that will be available shortly.

Spade Kayaks – New Paddles

Our first highend Paddles Made in Germany arrived this week. In cooperation with Striebel Designs we can now offer you two paddles for beginner to extreme paddlers!

Spade Kayaks

The Red Stick is made from a carbon and glass mix with a projected of weight of around 1.02kg.

The Black Attache is fully carbon with a projected weight of 0.97kg. Both paddles ahem a straight shaft with built in grip. A bentshaft version will be available later on in the year.

The price of these is expected to be in the €369 to €389 range. I reckon they look pretty good and it is great to see another set of designs hit the market.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Timothy Kunin

    The problem with all of these new paddles is that we see new paddles from spade, Waka, and others, but why would we buy them? These companies need to make some road trips to demo paddles at different events. Like I can go to cks paddlefest and demo boats from liquid logic, dagger, verus, Jackson, and pyranha all in one place. But I’ve never seen a paddle company show up

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