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Bliss Stick Flip Stick – Review

The Flip Stick is a relatively new boat from New Zealand manufacturers Bliss-Stick. I first saw the boat on the stands at the International Canoe show in the UK last February and was quite impressed by its overall look and design. I’m 6ft 2inch with size 10 feet and found the Flip Stick really comfy and felt like it fitted. The Flip Stick is 200cm long and has a flat planning hull and therefore is extremely loose. The ends are so short and rockered, they do not catch and pearl in the oncoming greenwater, allowing for easy spins on the greenest of waves it will also allow for those yet to be achieved arial moves. On the negative side the boat is noticably slower than similar boats I have tried.

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Prijon Delirious – Review

This year (2001) sw the launch of the Prijon Delirious as a design for play paddlers/top rodeo competitors and billed it as the master of spin. I had seen the Delirious on one previous occasion and its image had lodged in my head. With a number of impressive European freestyle wins under its belt I thought I’d better give the Delirious a try.

Prijon Delirious - Review
Prijon Delirious – Hurley Weir, River Thames
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Unsponsored Q&A Series – Lowri Davies

I remember meeting Lowri many years ago in the Happy Eater eddy at the Tees barrage with her Dad. Since those early days Lowri has progressed from competing in the largely fun non-competitive PeakUK events to representing the UK on the freestyle kayaking scene. Lowri has achieved both the British and European freestyle championship titles since those early days. It’s fantastic that Lowri has agreed to take part in the Unsponsored 2011 Q&A series.

Unsponsored Q&A Series - Lowri Davies
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Riot Inferno – Review

I had the pleasure to take out one of Riot’s latest offerings last night, the day after they arrived in the UK. Here’s my take on the INFERNO.

As soon as I looked at the INFERNO I knew it was gonna go… I wasn’t expecting huge things, all I wanted was better than my DISCO. First thing you can’t help but notice is the outfitting. It’s very well done. Adjustable height on the backband and ratchet between your legs is ideal. The thigh hookers looked, well, interesting, but I was prepared to reserve judgement. The boat its self is styled very well. The edges look very well thought out and the softness of the fore and aft rails look to give huge forgiveness yet still give the ability to drive the boat. The plastic seems very nice indeed. Well polished moulds and good rigidity give the boat the good looks and great plastic we’re all expecting these days. Continue reading

Prijon Delerium – Review

The delirium is easily the most comfortable boat in its class due to the fact that it has no pillars and the end, despite being slicy is still large enough to accomodate size 10/11 feet and respectable sized wetboots comfortably. The fit kit that came with the boat is good- the ‘booster seat’ which came with it is very effective – it is comfortable and because of its form fitting shape offers great control.

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Necky Chronic And Vibe – Review

For the books I am 165 lbs, 31″ inseam, and size 10.5 feet.

I recently got to try both the vibe and the chronic. First in the lake then at a low flow park. Anyway my first thoughts when I finally got too see the boats in person was wow, the outfitting is awesome the thigh braces are super adjustable, the seat has a lot of room to move it front to back, and the back band is super positive, but not the most comfortable out there. These boats have an amazing hull support system in them the best I have ever seen. I found both boats to be really comfortable with lots of foot room.

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Bliss Stick RAD – Review

The Bliss Stick RAD (Radical Air Device) comes in two sizes. Both are very short – 175cm or 185cm. Not much in it I know but its enough! The boat has plenty of volume which has resulted in a very comfortable sub 2m boat.

For quite a volumous boat the RAD cartwheels extremely fast and relatively effortlessly. It loops really really well, although the addition of an overthruster makes the loops far bigger (a worthwhile investment for this boat).

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Dagger G Ride – Review

Dagger’s G-Ride, is radically short yet it still offers comfort for a wide variety of sized paddlers due to its foot and knee contours. The G-Ride is outfitted with Dagger’s familiar Clutch™ outfitting.

Dagger G Ride - Review

The Clutch™ Outfitting includes: Hip pads and shims, seat wedge, thigh booster, and a full plate footrest. For different size paddlers, Dagger’s Clutch™ Outfitting allows for a custom fit in the boat. It seems quite effective and reports from paddlers asked confirms this. That being said I prefer solid hip pads made of foam and would remove the “pump-up” hip-pads if I owned a Dagger boat.

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Liquid Logic Vision 56 – Review

A little about me…I’m 6 ft 1, 34 inseam and weigh about 70 kilo’s. Previously owned a Space Cadet, EZ, Techno, Ego, LUV and have paddled Scooter, Big Wheel, ZG 48, Kingpin 6.2 & 6.3, and Vibe.

Liquid Logic Vision 56 - Review
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Prijon Release – Review

The Prijon Release is the third design by Kenny Mutton in recent years, and follows quickly on the heals of the Delirious and Delerium.

The overall feel of the boat is great. The outfitting is simple and effective, the plastic as always solid. The Flex system as used in the Delerium has been improved with better seat padding and a fantastic hip pad system that works.

Prijon Release - Review
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Unsponsored Q&A Series 2011 – Update

Still to come over the next few weeks, interviews with

Lowri Davies
Ben Brown
Arnd Schaeftlein
Plus more

The 2011 series looks like it may turn into an early 2012 series!

Dagger G Force – Review

Dagger’s new “shorty” boat, the G-force, is radically short yet it still offers comfort for a wide variety of sized paddlers due to its foot and knee contours. The G-Force allows boaters to explore “aerial” hole and wave moves that “shorty” boats excel at.

Dagger G Force - Review
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