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Reader’s Rides 2016 – Ed Kingham

Readers Rides 2016 - Ed Kingham
Name: Ed Kingham


Currently studying in Swansea, but paddling more than studying at the moment. Predominantly surfing and playboating; but also sea kayaking, polo, flatwater racing and the odd section of whitewater. There is so much great paddling around here; it’s great to be able to go for a quick surf in the morning before uni.

I’ve been paddling for around ten years, although only seriously in the last few.



Gath for surfing – Good low profile fit and very comfortable. I really like the EVA headband, it’s great for when a wave knocks your paddle into your face!

WRSI Current Pro for everything else – I’m going to be honest, the impact test videos WRSI have published sold me on how tough these are.

Buoyancy Aid:

Astral Willis – Low profile, I don’t even notice I’m wearing it most of the time. The sliding front panels make it fantastic for playboating.

Readers Rides 2016 - Ed Kingham


Playboater Work deck – Absolutely solid deck for a really good price.

Nookie Surf skirt – fits great on my surf boat and is comfortable. Quick to get on and off when getting in and out. What more could you ask for?

Dry gear:

Peak shortie semi-dry cag (with the Peak sleeves) – It keeps me warm and I’ve never really felt that the neoprene neck leaks more than a latex seal, but is infinitely more comfortable. I also prefer shorties with the neoprene sleeves to a full sleeve cag, they just make me feel more mobile for no warmth penalty.


Mitchell Blades Genesis (190cm, 5° feather) – I find that Mitchells are solidly built and their customer service is excellent should you ever need to get in contact with them.

Readers Rides 2016 - Ed Kingham


Mega Phantom – I love this boat. It’s ridiculously light, very comfortable and super quick.

Dagger Kingpin – Great for learning playboating, everyone who wants to start playboating should paddle one!

Venture Orca – Not the fastest sea kayak out there but supremely comfortable and solidly built.

Marsport Cougar K1 – I bought this on a whim because it was cheap and I wanted to try racing. I didn’t realise how unstable it was when I bought it, but I’m getting the hang of it now.

Revenge Nitro polo boat – Lightweight and easily repairable. Which is important for polo boats!


I have an IR Thick Skin thermal which is really warm; I also got a Palm thermal in a sale recently which works great.
I also use a Nookie Titanium top for surfing. It’s absolutely fantastic, keeps me warm in the sea all year round even on its own, and is only 1mm thick.

Up and coming plans:

I’m currently in the design and prototyping stage for making my own carbon playboats. If there is interest in this I could write a few articles on it. I am also planning an article on installing a protective carbon edging strip on paddle blades, so watch this space.

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  1. Alvaro

    Hi Ed!

    Actually I am very interested in DIY kayaks or any kind of prototype for water navigation. 🙂

    So I would gladly read some of your articles if you publish them!

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