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Astral Greenjacket LE9

The limited edition Astral Greenjacket PFDs are always worth seeing, but this Astral Greenjacket LE9 in my opinion is the best yet.

Astral Greenjacket LE9

The GreenJacket LE9 is a tribute to our heritage; while at the same time marking a new chapter in our evolution at Astral. We have incorporated an array of colors found on Astral’s original rescue PFDs, and the pocket liner has a unique pattern of the lotus petal.

Astral Greenjacket LE9

Astral Greenjacket LE9


  1. Kayaker123

    Do you know when this will be available in the U.K. or any retailers planning on stocking it? Thanks!

    • Kayaking

      Usually limited edition Astral BA’s are only available in America and are not allowed to be sold in the U.K. Due to specific UK testing regs.

      • Veebee

        I might consider buying one from the US but if it isnt allowed to be sold here in the UK does that means it isn’t up to UK safety standards? thanks

        • Unsponsored

          Us and Eu ones are different. US is over the head. Eu versions have a side that opens. Everything else is, I believe, the same.

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