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Canoe Outfitting – Saddles

Travis Overtstreet has put together this awesome Silverbirch Covert with the help of Matt Toddhunter and Shawn Alexander. The setup allows Travis to swap out the saddles for either solo or tandem use.

Canoe Outfitting - Saddles

Shawn Alexander at Fall Line Canoes made the bags and Matt Toddhunter at Ridge Spirit Outfitting custom makes the saddles.

Canoe Outfitting - Saddles

Canoe Outfitting - Saddles

Travis added his own flair to it and designed it to be a tandem. Within 20 minutes it can be switched to a solo setup.

Canoe Outfitting - Saddles


  1. Adie

    Yeah, you’ve managed to go a whole year only posting about Silverbirch canoes, way to keep it balanced!!

    • Unsponsored

      Only post about about what is going on in world. Silverbirch have made some pretty good developments. This particular post relates to the saddle. It just happens to be a Covert. If you have any reviews, trips etc with other canoes or indeed a silverbirch please send my way. Thanks for visiting.

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