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HF Swifty Belt

The HF Swifty Belt is designed so that you are able to carry your throw line with you at all times. It is designed around the same belt system that you see on all rescue PFDs. The buckle is exactly the same and ensures that the system is quick release.

HF Swifty Belt

The belt has some additional quick release buckles that hold a bright yellow piece of tape in place. It is this tape that is used to attach a throw bag to the belt. This means that the throw bag can be easily relaxed (from either side) and used. The belt is compatible with most throw bags that have the fittings that enable them to be worn on a belt, for example Palm throw bags.

HF Swifty Belt

The Swifty belt also has a racking system for karibiners. I’m not sure that I’ll ever use that feature.

HF Swifty Belt

The one missing element on the belt is on the pull cord for the main buckle. PFDs alway come with a plastic ball on the cord that makes it easier to locate/grab. These plastic balls are stoppers used on ropes in the sailing world. I had one of these from my old suicide strap set up so have now added it to the Swifty belt. They can be found in all chandlers for less than a £1.


  1. Gavin

    Do you know of anywhere that sells these buckles? We’ve used a number of different buckles for C1 and C2 boats in our club, none of them Ideal.

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