Hit The Road Episode 2 Norway

Here we go ! Hit The Road ep. 2 Norway takes you far away from freestyle boats and Finland.

After an awesome week and Finnish national freestyle training camp in Northern Finland our team change boats to a bit longer ones, and finally Hit The Road to the land of crystal clear waters and endless rapids, Norway!

Hit The Road episode 2 Norway from Jalostajat on Vimeo.

Paddlers: Visa Rahkola, Juuso Karttunen, Teemu Väliahdet, Vili Volotinen and Henrik Holmroos

Thanks to: Welhonpesä, Tuus-melojat, Eräkettu, Metsähallitus, Kupilka and lovely team ProKei

Filming: Visa Rahkola, Juuso Karttunen, Teemu Väliahdet

Edit: Visa Rahkola