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HF Turtleback Kayak Carry System – First Look

The Turtleback Kayak carry system has been designed to make the carrying of creek boats or river runners that little bit easier. There have been other systems released in the past but they have either been expensive, bulky or both.

Turtleback Kayak Carry System

I picked mine up from Northshore Watersports here in the UK (they will ship world wide).

Turtleback Kayak Carry System

From °hf:

With the °hf Turtle Back a kayak can be carried comfortably like a big rucksack.

The °hf Turtle Back fits every modern kayak with a central pillar and rescue bars/handles behind the cockpit.

We have a couple of walk-ins planned that will definitely put the Turtleback system to the test!

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  1. chalky723

    How would this work on boats with a single handle behind the cockpit rather than 2 (Waka Tuna Mk1)?? Has anyone tried this out?


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