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Osprey Zealot 15 – First Look

We are big fans of Osprey gear at Unsponsored HQ. So when a new bag was required for mountain bike duties the Osprey website was consulted.

Osprey Zealot 15 - First Look

15 litres or there about seems to be the right kind of size for the bulk of riding that we do. Plenty of room for the essentials but not too much room that you end up filling because you can. The Osprey Zealot appeared to fit the bill nicely.

Osprey Zealot 15 - First Look

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Sherpa System For Your Kayak

This is a easy, simple, cheap and super-light system to carry your kayak on your shoulder for a long trip. I have tested on a 5 hour trekking and it works! The system is stable an easy to put on shoulders.

Sherpa System For Your Kayak

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HF Turtleback Kayak Carry System – First Look

The Turtleback Kayak carry system has been designed to make the carrying of creek boats or river runners that little bit easier. There have been other systems released in the past but they have either been expensive, bulky or both.

Turtleback Kayak Carry System

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Haglofs Ace

The Haglofs Ace is a bit of an allrounder and has been used at Unsponsored HQ for a number of years for both walking and mountain biking duties.



In this case it’s a 12l pack (medium). First it is hydration compatible (up to 3l) and this one have been used extensively for the last few years with an Osprey bladder. But there is also the possibility of carrying a couple of 1l water bottles in each of the two side pockets, one is located on each side of the pack. The hip belt can be tucked away inside of the pack (as seen above) which is a feature that Unsponsored Girl approves of as the she is not a big fan of belts on packs.

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Osprey Talon 22 Rucksack – Review

I have pretty much all of the Osprey Talon range. It started with a Talon 11 that I brought in from the States before they were available here in the UK. Soon after a 33 and then a 22 joined the team.

Osprey Talon 22 Rucksack - Review

Out of all of them the Talon 22 has been the most heavily used over recent times. Its size is great for a days walk or a winter mountain bike ride. My 22 was purchased from Cotswold Outdoor in Keswick. To be honest since getting the 22 the 33 hasn’t had a look in. I use the M/L back size and it has been adjusted via its super simple velcro adjustment system to fit my back.

I love the fact that the majority of my kit when packed within the 22 sits nice and low resulting in a low centre of gravity. The newest 22’s have a system for storing your cycle helmet and a store for your trekking poles, but mine pre-dates the tweak in design.

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NRS Bill’s Bag 3.8 – Review

I have tried a number of kit bags over the years and although they have all done a pretty good job, I have always moved on looking for something that will fully fit my needs. In short I wanted a bag that was:

– big enough to take a weekends worth of wet kayak kit and keep the inside of the car dry
– tough enough to withstand the care and attention that baggage handlers give to luggage
– easy to carry
– waterproof so that it could also be used strapped to a raft on multi day trips (you never know it might happen one day)
– not Über expensive

I had been looking at the Bill’s Bag from NRS for a number of years and never really got around to ordering one from the US. At just over £55 the 3.8 bag seemed (on paper) to meet my needs.

NRS Bill's Bag 3.8 - Review
NRS Bill’s Bag 3.8 – Review
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