The Nookie Core Hybrid base layer has to be one of the pieces of gear that has has been used the most over 2019 and will be used heavily over 2020.

On the face of it the Nookie Core Hybrid looks like a rash vest and is certainly cut in a very similar way. Where it differs and where it really stands out from the rest is the material.

Now this seems just a simple thing but the information tag on the Core Hybrid isn’t fastened into the top itself. It sits on some excess stitching that makes it really easy to remove without the risk of damaging the top. Never seen this before. Very clever.

The main body of the shirt is a 4-way stretch fabric with a soft plush lining with brushed fibres, these trap warmth and simultaneously wick away moisture when you start to sweat.

The core chest panel is a mid-weight breathable fleece for additional warmth. In the shot below you can see both the front and back panels.

The neck is nice and high like a rash vest, but with no front seam to avoid uncomfortable restriction around the front of your throat. It’s been quite good for catching the odd drip of water that always seems to finds its way through my drysuit neck seal.

The Core Hybrid (so far) hasn’t taken on that unique paddler smell that most synthetic base layers do after a period of time. It is machine washable and exceptionally quick drying.

I used the Nookie Core Hybrid has been used as an outer layer during the summer and a base layer over the last few months under my drysuit. Although not stated on the garment or on the Nookie website I did find that the top offered a decent level of UV protection.

As it gets a little further on in the year I’ll be picking up a short sleeved version of the Core Hybrid to wear under my short sleeved dry top.


4-way stretch insulated fabric with brushed lining. 78% Nylon / 22% Spandex.
Core mid-weight fleece chest panel. 94% Polyester / 6% Spandex.
Soft plush lining with brushed fibres, thermal insulation & wicking.
Strategic seamless underarm paddle zones for optimal range of motion and anti-chafe comfort.
Flatlock stitching and no neck seam for smooth fitted comfort.
Tight fitting base layer for optimal insulation and to aid fatigue resistance.
Ultra warm quick drying, ideal for watersports.
High wicking base layer actively removing moisture away from the body keeping you dry.
Highly breathable.
Machine washable for easy care.
Unisex fit.
Available in both long and short sleeve.