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Palm Equipment Ultralite Drybag Series

I picked up a 6l Palm Ultralite dry bag a couple of months back and have been using it for on and off the water duties.


The 3 to 15 litre range of ultralite drybags are constructed from lightweight siliconised Cordura® (silnylon) fabric with stitched and taped seams. They have the roll down closure that most of us are familiar with and D-ring attachment points.


Each bag has its size clearly printed on the outside, they also have an area for your name and contents info and a set on instructions to ensure that the system is watertight. Rolling the top of the bag over a few times isn’t difficult but having the instructions clearly printed on the bag is a nice touch.


The bags are well put together and mine is certainly holding up well given the punishment it has received. I have had no issue with water or dirt getting into the bag despite it being fully immersed on a number of occasions.

I plan to hold of a few of the other sized bags over the next couple of weeks to help organise my “When it all goes wrong” kit.

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  1. admin

    The fabric doesn’t like being written on. Tried a couple of different pens so far but the ink wipes off.

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