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Palm River Trek 100L Drybag – First Look

As we are heading firmly into the grips of the winter more gear comes oalong on each and every trip. For 2020 into 2021 we have a Palm River Trek 100L drybag

Palm River Trek 100L Drybag - First Look
Palm River Trek 100L Drybag – First Look
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Extending Your Reach

Over the last few months I have had quite a few Watershed Drybags in for review. As part of the packaging the bags all come complete with two heavy duty elastic bands. If you are old enough and from the UK (may be the same in other countries too) these bands are very similar to the ones you got when you went to a public swimming pool.

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Watershed Futa Stowfloat – First Look

You will be seeing quite a few Watershed Drybags on Unsponsored over the next couple of weeks. We’ve managed to get most of the range in for review. It’s cost a fair bit but we are very interested in how they perform.

Watershed Futa Stowfloat - First Look
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Rescue Essentials

Rescue Essentials – The collection of gear and equipment that you carry to aid in a whitewater rescue is pretty crucial. It is a compromise between having enough gear, space available and the weight it involves.


My gear shifts, changes and evolves over time but the basic core of gear always remains.

Within my paddling group there will be several variations of this gear, it is important that the group is not reliant on one persons gear as it may be that person or that person’s boat that is in need of assistance. Do you know what emergency gear your paddling buddies carry? Should you?

It is also important that you know how to use the gear effectively. This is particularly the case with those items that carry an element of risk when used, e.g. ropes. If you are not sure book yourself on a good course.

Breakdown Paddle (Splits):

Two piece or four piece. What ever you choose is should fit in your boat and be capable of handling the types of water that you venture onto. For my money I’d go with a four piece Vertical Element or Werner setup (in that order!). My own personal set up is below.

unsponsored-Ve-Breakdown 364

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Exped Cloudburst Dry Bag – Review

The Exped Cloudburst is a roll top dry bag that also has a set of rucksack straps allowing it to be used as a pack.

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Watershed Ocoee Dividers

The Watershed Ocoee dividers are a set of pads that enable you to divide up the padded bag of a Watershed Ocoee.

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Watershed Ocoee – A Year On

Although I have a Sony TX10 waterproof digital camera there are times when it’s not quite up to the job. These situations include occasions when I’m photographing in low light or at longer distances. In these instances a DSLR is really the only way to go.

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Aquapac Noatak Wet & Drybag

Up until quite recently I had always thought that Aquapac only produced waterproof bags for gadgets. As it turns out the range covers so much more. Whilst checking out the Aquapac online store a couple of the products looked of particular interest. One of the products that caught my eye was the 60L Noatak wet/dry bag.


From Aquapac:

Our Noatak bags are extraordinarily adaptable to suit a wide range of different lifestyles, tasks and pursuits. If you’re going out walking, biking or paddling they make comfortable, lightweight daypacks. If you’re going sailing you can use them as stash bags, or as emergency grab bags.

The Noatak is a roll top dry bag with a couple of main differences. The bag is constructed from light but super tough ripstop waterproof nylon. The edges are bound and all stress points have been re-enforced. The bad itself is internally divided into two compartments that allows you to carry your wet/dry kit in the same bag without getting everything wet. Continue reading

Storage – Dry Bags and Stuff Sacks

Over the years I have managed to amass a huge number of dry bags in various different sizes and various different materials. Despite the wide range and variety they have all been purchased with the intention of keeping my kit clean and dry. In most cases the kit I want protected are things that must be kept dry at all costs, for example, spare clothing, mobile phone and car keys. I therefore have a number of “go to” drybags and stuff sacks that I know I can depend upon.

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Having a good kit bag is pretty important to me. It keeps my wet and often dirty kit safe and secure and helps prevent kit (or the inside of my car) being damaged.

A while back I bought an NRS Bills bag, which is an awesome bit of kit. Absolutley cavernous and very well put together. However if out for a quick paddle it is probably too big.

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Palm Equipment Ultralite Drybag Series

I picked up a 6l Palm Ultralite dry bag a couple of months back and have been using it for on and off the water duties.


The 3 to 15 litre range of ultralite drybags are constructed from lightweight siliconised Cordura® (silnylon) fabric with stitched and taped seams. They have the roll down closure that most of us are familiar with and D-ring attachment points. Continue reading

Watershed Ocoee – Review

Although I have a Sony TX10 waterproof digital camera there are times when it’s not quite up to the job. These situations include occasions when I’m photographing in low light or at longer distances. In these instances a DSLR is really the only way to go.

Watershed Ocoee - Review

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