I had a close look at the Palm FX PFD today. Both the fit and design are definitely upgrades from the previous model.

unsponsored_PalmFX 1

The FX is a simple over the head slab design with fully adjustable shoulder straps, a nice broad set of straps to get the fit nice and snug around your middle and a thinner web strap for the waist.

unsponsored_PalmFX 2

Therefore getting a good fit is super easy. The profile of the foam at the rear of the FX is nicely cut which allows for good freedom of movement. The front slab of foam sits nice and low which is one of the reasons I like Palm PFDs.

unsponsored_PalmFX 5

The FX colours are great if you like your kit to be nice and bright. The Lime green is definitely GREEN and really stands out. It’s a perfect match for the range of Palm cags as it is essentially the same material.

unsponsored_PalmFX 4

The front pocket is a great size and is easily accessible via a zip in a contrasting colour.

unsponsored_PalmFX 3