Name: Robert Kierans

Country: Ireland

Age : 15


Boat: I’ve been paddling a Medium Burn for four months now on everything from flat water in Ireland to Grade 4 in the alps. In that time if found it to be a gem of a boat. The best part being the rails which work extremely well at getting the boat in to and out of eddy’s as well as ferry gliding.

The volume is nicely distributed and it resurfaces nicely from holes and drops. Its outfitting might not be as high tech as daggers or wavesports but its comfortable and does the job.

Paddle: I use a carbon crankshaft Select W1 its quite light and handles a lot of abuse.

Dry cag: Sweet shadrach 2011 it’s a very dry cag but its neoprene tunnel makes it hard to get on and off.

Dry Pants :Peak storm pants which I don’t use very often as I prefer shorts.


BA: Astral Green Jacket 2012, I really like this Pfd because of its minimal fit yet its jam packed with safety features

Shoes: NRS attack shoes – I’ve only had them a few weeks and there already falling apart so there quality isn’t great but they do grip rocks quite well.

Helmet: Sweet Rocker half cut –Makes you look cool as well as protecting your brain.

Spraydeck: Seal Skirts pro rand –Pretty nice deck nearly the same as some of the more expensive snapdragons skirts in materials and quality but at a much better price.