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Peak UK Rescue Tape

Peak UK have released their own version of the rescue tape.  This bright yellow 5m long tape is constructed from 20mm tubular tape.

Peak UK Rescue Tape
5m of rescue tape
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Peak UK Custom Designed Gear

Peak UK have been making custom designed gear for years. This recent design shown on social media today is simply outstanding.

Peak UK Custom Designed Gear

Since 2011 we’ve been pioneering sublimation printed custom designed waterproof equipment. Not only great for teams, clubs and squads, but also a fantastic way to stand out from the crowd.

Here’s a sneak peek at a few of the processes it takes and the finished results. As Garth Algar said in Wayne’s World, “Foxy!!” Get in touch to start your own unique look.

Peak UK Tecwik Short – Custom

PeakUK are currently creating a custom Peak UK Tecwik short rashy for Unsponsored.

It will look a little bit like this –

Peak UK Tecwik Short - Custom

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Zambezi Challenge

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 22.26.45

Another Peak UK event classic. A few familiar faces in this one. How many can you spot?

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PeakUK River Guide PFD – First Look

PeakUK have continued to develop their ever popular PFD range. The River Guide PFD is just one of many that has had a re-design over the last few years. In addition to the Red/Grey colour scheme PeakUK have introduced Blue/Lime to match the new deluxe drysuit.

PeakUK River Guide PFD - First Look

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Unsponsored Q&A Series – Sal Montgomery

Sal Montgomery is a UK paddler who is pushing herself on whitewater across the globe. From big water to freestyle competitions Sal has done it all and is still charging hard. Despite being deep in Norway’s summer whitewater Sal agreed to take part in the Unsponsored Q&A series.


Tell us a little a bit about you accomplishments in the canoeing/kayaking world.

I started out mainly in freestyle and was on the GB team for a couple of years. I then got more in to river running and have since paddled in many countries around the world along the way I have entered a few competitions here and there, my best being first in the Himalayan Whitewater Championships. I’m keen to do more adventures and expedition style paddling in the future.

Photo: Jake Holland

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PeakUK Kidz Zip – First Look

The newest member to Team Unsponsored is at the age where she is ready to hit the water. With that in mind Unsponsored will be seeing a few more small person gear reviews over the next few months/years.

PeakUK Kidz Zip

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Reader’s Rides 2013: Robert Kierans

Name: Robert Kierans

Country: Ireland

Age : 15


Boat: I’ve been paddling a Medium Burn for four months now on everything from flat water in Ireland to Grade 4 in the alps. In that time if found it to be a gem of a boat. The best part being the rails which work extremely well at getting the boat in to and out of eddy’s as well as ferry gliding.

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PeakUK Bullbag – First Look

The PeakUK Bull bag is available in 25, 20 and 15 metre varieties. I had a chance to check out and throw the the 25 and 15 metre models.

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When I Were Young

I found this within the Unsponsored archives and thought it might be of interest. Before the changes to the Tees Barrage Whitewater course this is what the course was like. It was so long ago I had forgotten that there even was an island river left at the top of the course! Enjoy.

Inlet gate – Easy Rider

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PeakUK Gear Bag

Getting a decent sized bag to store all of your wet kit in can be quite a task. Especially if you are working on a budget and yet don’t want to use a polythene bag! One possible option could be the PeakUK gear bag. The bags are made from two pieces of PU coated nylon so the bag is both tough and waterproof. However, the seams are not taped – therefore theoretically leakage is possible, although I have not experienced this problem (UPDATE – The new bags are now fully taped).

A single piece of webbing forms the two grab handles and wraps itself around the bag giving it full support and allows the bag to cope with wet kit without it falling apart. The top of the bag is closed via a simple cord and cord grip system. The bag is large enough to quite happily cope with a full load of winter paddling kit with room to spare. Essentially this is a very simple, functional and effective piece of kit. It does the job well, comes in a variety of funky colours, so what more could you ask. No doubt a worthwhile value for money buy, great for carrying kit and great for storing kit (I own a couple myself). Check out your local PeakUK dealer for current prices and colours.

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