Name: Eddy Mead

Location: Cardiff, South Wales

Boat: Liquidlogic Remix 79

I’ve paddled the Remix for a year now and have loved every minute. It’s super long with a narrow hull so it accelerates quickly and maintains speed. It’s got soft edges so it’s really forgiving but at the same time carves into tight eddy’s and into strong currents with ease. The Remix doesn’t have masses of rocker so boofing can require a little more effort but if the boat is being driven it cruises over everything. What’s unique and cool about it is the scoop on the tail, if dipped in the green whilst punching a big hole, it will give you a boost and accelerate away from the feature. Also the LL Badass outfitting if fantastic, super easy to adjust and super comfy without adding too much weight.


Helmet: Sweet Wanderer

I’ve been using this helmet all summer at work and on the river and I’m really impressed. These helmets are always on offer averaging around £80-£100 which is a bargain for what your getting. Firstly the fit is snug and extremely comfortable, I can wear it all day. The coverage of the helmet is great, particularly at the back of the head and you feel safe and secure wearing it. Luckily I am yet to take a hit to it, but I’m confident it will do it’s job. It’s really hard to fault it so we shall see how long it holds up!

BA: Palm FXR

The perfect all round BA! It’s got all the features you need for running creeks and class 5 but it has a low enough profile that I can jump in my playboat and throw down in comfort! It also looks great and the Sherbet matches my boat, very important! Lots of pocket space and a neat knife sleeve which is easy to get too.


Spraydeck: Palm Extrem Deck

It’s everything that I could want in a deck! It’s comfortable, tough and most importantly it’s dry. I can drop into anything with confidence that it will stay on!

Boots: 5/10 Canyoneers

I’ve had these boots for years and although they seem to take a lot of rap for their durability, mine seem to be holding up okay. They are heavy and chunky, but on a wet, rocky river bank they are my shoe of choice!


Blades: Select Blasts

I purchased these blades for racing and I am glad I did! I have mine with large blades so the power from them is fantastic. They are really light weight and at the same time feel solid and durable. I was always a Werner man before I got these but I would definitely consider another set when these ones die!

Dry Kit: Palm Torrent Drysuit

Possibly my favorite piece of kit! This is my first year owning a drysuit and I wish I had made the step sooner. The Torrent looks great, stylish and functional. All the cuffs and seals are comfortable and easy to adjust. The suit has a really nice fit so you don’t feel restricted in anyway. There’s a waist tube so whilst gearing up or taking a lunch break you can unzip and the suit comfortably hangs from your waist. The zip has been designed to wrap further around your shoulders and this also increases comfort and decreases restriction. All the high wear points of the suit have been reinforced for durability and to prevent wear. I’ve been using mine for nearly a year now and I am still getting off the river dry and smiling!


Upcoming Adventures:

Plans for the winter are to stay in the UK and pray for lots of rain, some high water Welsh ditches would be nice! Training has started now for next years racing season starting around May with the Moriston Race! I have no solid plans for next year but a boating trip abroad is definitely on the drawing board! The plan is to enter the Adidas Sickline again next year and step up the results!


Eddy Mead