Solo Whitewater Day Trip In My Backyard
Solo Whitewater Day Trip In My Backyard

Portaging and soloing whitewater paddling up to class three was the plan for my short adventure this day. First, I go through some of my wilderness outfitting gear including my spraydeck, whitewater canoe, drybag and drysuit before heading out on my Magnetawan River canoe trip.

My plan was to head downriver to a bridge where my wife would pick me up. The route would include two portages, a couple class 1 and a couple class 2 rapids as well as one big class three rapid. As soon as I ran the first rapid it felt awesome to be on the river. It was hot out for this time of year and after a portage around a big canyon and unrunnable rapid, I soon ran out of drinking water. Fortunately, it wasn’t long until I found a natural spring with delicious and cold water.

After dealing with the raging whitewater of a big drop, I paddled through a calm section and had a weird feeling like something was staring at me. I turned around to see a small, brand new log cabin built on top of a hill. It kind of struck me as odd that this would have given me the urge to turn around and look behind me. Before too long my trip was over and I met Tori at the bridge and I was home by dinner time. I felt tired but rejuvenated after the little outing, but more so I felt fortunate to live in the place that I do.

Jim Baird

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