LOMO release their new line of ultra tough Dry Boxes. The Centurion Dry Box range is now ready to serve and protect.

LOMO Dry Boxes
LOMO Dry Boxes
LOMO Dry Boxes

Quick Info

  • Lomos toughest dry boxes yet.
  • Five new ultra-tough centurion dry boxes.
  • Made from durable Polypropylene
  • Waterproof design
  • Air pressure release valve
  • Pick and Pluck cubed foam included
  • Soft rubber coated handle
  • Reinforced hinges
  • Retro reflective panels
LOMO Dry Boxes

Lomo decided to take their dry boxes to the next level, and produce a case so tough, that it will take more abuse than most other cases of a similar type on the market. 

The Dry Boxes do exactly what you would expect a dry box to do, its built to protect your expensive equipment from the elements, wither that be sand, dust, dirt, water, snow or wind. Wherever your expedition or adventure takes you, be sure your equipment gets there too.

LOMO Dry Boxes

Place your valuables inside with confidence. The centurion dry boxes from Lomo come with a full silicon gasket as standard, to keep everything out, as well as an air pressure release valve that can be opened if going on board a plane to help equalise the pressure inside and outside the box. Without this it can make a dry box almost impossible to open again after landing. 

LOMO Dry Boxes

Each Centurion dry box comes with pick and pluck cubed foam as standard which allows you to customise the shape of the foam support being given to the contents, ensuring a secure fit for your valuables. 

LOMO Dry Boxes

Add to that the centurions beefed up reinforced hinges, a soft rubber handle and external retro reflective panels, the centurion dry box from Lomo is a ready to protect your precious and valued items, time and time again.

Perfect for phones, tablets, laptops, keys, first aid kits, scientific equipment and more.

Centurion Dry Box options

NameInternal SizeExternal SizeCapacityWeightPrice
Centurion Dry Box – Small183 x 118 x 85mm252 x 172 x 101mm 1.8L£23
Centurion Dry Box – Flat Case233 x 178 x 108mm268 x 240 x 124mm4.5L1.4KG£36
Centurion Dry Box – Medium291 x 219 x 132mm332 x 283 x 148mm8.5L2.1KG£54
Centurion Dry Box – Large333 x 234 x 156mm374x309x177mm12L2.25KG£64
Centurion Dry Box – Top Opening350 x 150 x 297mm410 x 229 x 320mm15.5L3.5KG£89

Words and pictures: LOMO