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Threewaves Nose Clips Available In The UK & Ireland

Threewaves Nose Clips are now available in the UK & Ireland via Unsponsored. I was so impressed by the quality and performance of the nose clips (read the review here) that I have brought a few pairs back to the Unsponsored HQ here in the UK.

Threewaves Nose Clips

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Threewaves Nose Clips – Review

A few months back I got a set of Three Waves nose clips from Phil at Unsponsored. I wouldn’t usually get excited about something like a set of nose clips but I thought these were worth a few words.


Firstly it’s worth mentioning that I have always worn nose clips. I hate not having them on when I go over, especially when playboating. I’ve also tried most makes and to be honest they are all pretty much the same.

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Nose Plugs/Clips

A lot of discussion goes on about the pros and cons of wearing nose plugs. I don’t really want to entering into that becuase at the end of the day it is down to personal choice. So assuming you wish to wear nose clips – which ones are best?

Up until quite recently the nose plugs available have been developed specifically for swimming or diving – all types being adequate for the job but not ideal. However over the last 8 years paddle sport specific plugs have made an appearence.

Generally the paddle sport specific plugs follow the same design concept – a u-shaped piece of wire (which is relatively stiff) with paddling of some sort on the ends that will make contact with the nose and a leash to attach them to your helmet so you don’t loose them! The padding usually consists of foam, rubber, or plastic. However the best I have found to date are ones that are silicone based such as the Threewaves clips.

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Three Waves Nose Plugs/Clips

I’ve been using Smiley nose plugs for longer than I care to remember and have never moved away from them. I am a firm believer in the use of nose plugs and each of my helmets has (had) a Smiley nose plug attached and they have served me well. However that may have just changed with the arrival of these new nose plugs from Three Waves.

Unsponsored-Three Waves 7

A couple of weeks ago I was kindly sent a pair of ThreeWaves nose clips from Germany.

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