A few months back I got a set of Three Waves nose clips from Phil at Unsponsored. I wouldn’t usually get excited about something like a set of nose clips but I thought these were worth a few words.


Firstly it’s worth mentioning that I have always worn nose clips. I hate not having them on when I go over, especially when playboating. I’ve also tried most makes and to be honest they are all pretty much the same.

These ones are different though. The key difference is the rubber they are made of which is much more comfortable, grips my nose better when wet and so far is in much better condition and shows no signs of wear.

I won’t go on much more because there’s only so much I can say about a pair of nose clips but if you haven’t already tried them then be sure to pick up a set.

They’re worth it.

Review by: Martyn Butler

Three waves nose clips are available direct from Unsponsored. Click here to find out more.