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Bren’s Park Jam 2019 – Teesside

The glorious North East was the venue for today’s Park Jam.

Bren's Park Jam 2019 - Teesside
Bren’s Park Jam 2019 – Teesside
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What A Weekend

What a weekend, the UK took a battering over the course of the weekend with water levels. The Tees rose to just under 3m at Middleton over the weekend. That is almost twice the height normally seen at this time of year.

Friend of Unsponsored Sam Ellis ran Low Force at these super high levels. To put this into context this is what Low Force typically look likes.

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Steep Artificial Whitewater

Here in the North East of England we like our whitewater courses steep. The Tees Barrage has two sections the Long course and the Short course.

Steep Artificial Whitewater

The Short course is often used for ww rescue training with a low flow, but when on full release it creates a superb, but short piece of ww. Conveyer belt access to the top of the course means that multiple runs can be made easily.

Steep Artificial Whitewater

The following photographs were taken today (mainly from the far bank) using a Nikon D7100 and Nikkor 70-200mm VRII lens.

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Rat Race 2015 Stockton On Tees

Today was the 2015 Rat Race right here in Stockton On Tees. Once again the Tees Barrage International Whitewater Centre hosted part of the race. Here are a few photographs of the event.

Rat Race Photo Stockton 2015

A few of the local boaters were on hand providing safety cover.

Rat Race Photo Stockton 2015

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Joanne Monaghan shows us what’s what at the Tees Barrage. A really nice video showing what the course has to offer.

Barrage from joanne on Vimeo.

Ride The Line

Ride The Line from Danny Riley on Vimeo.

Thanks to everyone I have paddled with this year (2013). I have met lots of new people and lots of great opportunities have come my way too. I hope this new upcoming year to be even better. Enjoy.

A Bad Swim – A Reflection

On the 2nd Jan 2014 Rory Woods ran Cauldron Snout on the River Tees (UK) and ended up taking a bad swim. Having successfully tackled the class V+ Cauldron Snout on several previous occasions Rory broke out of the top eddy and ran the Snout. Here are Rory’s unedited thoughts on what happened when it all went wrong.

A Bad Swim
Photo: Ben Johnson. Paddler: Rory Woods.

For context, the level is a bit higher than Sam (click to view video) ran it, with overspill on the dam as well as both pipes. I’ve run it a few times before, but always lower. It shook me a bit, and I hope I will learn from it. I’ve always believed in safety coming from the certainty that you will get the moves right, irrespective of the consequences. Of course, if the consequences are bad enough, you need to leave some margin in your level of certainty. Over lots of years of very gradually paddling harder and harder stuff, I really thought that my judgement of what I could definitely do was pretty accurate. I’ve always been a bit proud of my ability to get on and get pressure moves right without headgames getting in the way once I’d made a decision. It shocked me to go back and look at the rapid and think that maybe I’ve been fooling myself for a while in my desire to run stuff.

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Slalom Action – Teesside 21st September 2013

Unsponsored-teesside (51)

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TUKC – This. Is. Teesside!

This is the promotional video for Teesside University Kayak Club (TUKC)

What An Afternoon

I had a great time surfing a couple of the waves today at the Tees Barrage. Low water but big smiles.

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It’s On Like…


Rapid Block Dev Day June 2013 – Tees Barrage

Today was the first development day for modification to the feature named “Happy Eater” at the Tees Barrage International White Water course. The course uses the Rapid Block system as used in the London Olympics. The blocks are bolted to the floor of the course and can be configured to create a range of features.

unsponsored_rapid_blocks 7

Before the multi million pound upgrade to the course “Happy Eater” was a breaking wave/relatively gentle stopper that was superb for flat spins and blunts. Since re-opening many paddlers have expressed that they wanted something like the old “Happy Eater” back. Thankfully support from the management team at the barrage has resulted in a a new Facebook group being created and a chance for paddlers to design the layout of the course. Continue reading

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