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Soul Waterman Moves Production Out Of The USA

Production Out Of The USA

It is with sadness, that Soul Waterman has decided to move its production out of the USA. This decision is being made for several extremely practical reasons: we’re in the boat building business and need to be able to produce our kayaks on time, to standard, at a reasonable price.

The recent trade war started by the president of the United states is resulting in retaliatory tariffs by several nations around the world. These are countries where Soul sells kayaks, and the tariff hikes are going to make our products uncompetitive in those markets; sales which combined make up more than half our total business. Given the international nature of our sales, we cannot afford 20%-30% price hikes on our products in these countries.

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Soul Waterman – Proton Paddle

The Soul Waterman – Proton paddle is hitting production.

Soul Waterman - Proton Paddle

From Corran:

After some soul searching (pun intended) of our ultimate goals with the paddle line, we once more have the paddles ready to go. The biggest focus…. the main reason for delays… was making the paddles bomb proof. Like seriously strong. For this we decided to move the production to South Africa, one of the harshest environments you’ll ever find for paddling equipment. If stuff lasts here, it’ll last anywhere.

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New School Kayak Old School Outfitting

Corran Addison has recently offered his new F Bomb kayak with Hooptie outfitting. Essentially a new hull design with stripped backed outfitting that can be customised by its owner. Having paddled for over 30 years I remember outfitting boats with bit of foam and plenty of glue. I for one think that this is an excellent idea.

New School Kayak Old School Outfitting

Check it out.

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Ninja Plastic Welding

Corran Addison has some serious Ninja Plastic Welding skills. Here is what he did to a Soul Main Squeeze. A very impressive cut and shut.

Ninja Plastic Welding skills

One of my favorite boats of all time is the Dragorossi Squashtail. But it has some issues. First off – footroom. Ouch.

Ninja Plastic Welding skills

That inside rail is just in the wrong place and hurts like hell. Then the knees are too low, and the concave sidewall while awesome on a glassy wave, is hell on anything bouncy and bubbly.

So I took a Main Squeeze that didn’t mold properly, and turned it into a new squashtail!!! I cut 5.5″ off the tail, and then pushed the tail volume considerably before welding it up.

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Soul Waterman Booty Call And Gonzo – Review

Andreas Kasprzok gives us the lowdown, a review of sorts of the Soul Waterman Booty Call (in yellow) and Gonzo (in orange).

The Soul range of kayaks are available with two different weights of plastic. The yellow is the light layup, and orange “normal” strength. The Booty Call has been all over the SE by now and, while somewhat beat up, still hasn’t cracked. It seems like the light layup is fine for most everyone except Green Narrows regulars, Cali slides, etc.

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Soul Waterman – Custom Kayaks

Soul Waterman, the Canadian based company founded by Olympic kayaker Corran Addison, is announcing the first ever custom kayak design program the industry has ever seen.

Custom Kayaks

“We’re not talking about adding or cutting the seam a little to adjust volume,” stated Corran. “This is a real bone fide custom designed kayak to each individuals needs.”

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Soul Kayaks – New Power Seat

Corran Addison has recently released some images of the new power seat fitted within the also new Soul composite Super Sic playboat.

New Power Seat

The power seat that was fitted to Riot kayaks back in the day (when Riot were good) was quite simply one of the best seats out there. If this new one is even half as good, it will be a winner.

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Soul Waterman – Booty Call

Corran has released details of the new Booty Call kayak.

Soul Waterman - Booty Call

It looks like a nice clean design. I spoke to Corran for some time at Paddle Expo about how he creates his designs. I’m saving the detail for its own post, however it seems to be working.

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Soul Waterman – Dos Amigos

The Dos Amigos is the latest design from Corran Addison through his new company Soul Waterman.

Soul - Dos Amigos

The Dos Amigos is a Duo whitewater kayak and joins the Eskimo Topo Duo and Jackson Kayak Dynamic Duo in a very special place in the kayak market. We are certainly looking forward to seeing this one in the flesh.

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Soul Waterman – Kayaks

Corran Addison’s new venture Soul is well underway with a number of new boat designs in the making. The first two are the Rookie and Supersick.

Soul - Kayaks

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