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Welding – A Review

Over the last two weeks I have welded up a number of boats here at Unsponsored HQ. So I thought I would share some of the work carried out “Welding – A Review” if you like.

The first boat a Dagger Mamba was welded twice. Once on the nose which also included getting a huge dent out and again on the hull under the seat.

Kayak welding A Review

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Liquidlogic Flying Squirrel – Review

Liquidlogic Flying Squirrel - Review

The Squirrel is Liquidlogic’s latest white water kayak and the second designed through the company’s Automatic For The People initiative. Demand for a boat similar to Liquidlogic’s successful Remix but with additional bow rocker and volume in addition to an overall increase in volume was high. In fact Liquid Logic used the original Remix model as the starting point for the Flying Squirrel and built in many of the features that both team members and Liquid Logic fans had been calling for.

I have been lucky enough to get hold of one of the first Squirrels to land here in the UK and have been paddling Squirrel each week over the last couple of months. Over the years I have owned a number of Liquidlogic boats including – Vision, Ronin, Biscuit, and Stomper, so I was very interested to give this new #automaticforthepeople kayak a try.

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Liquidlogic WW Kayak Line Up

Many thanks to the guys at Rokx Adventure Traders for allowing their images to be used on Unsponsored.

The images show the line up of whitewater kayaks from Liquidlogic.

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Kit Update March 2013

I have had several emails asking for another run down of my kit and how it is holding up, so here goes.

First and foremost my Astral Brewer shoes haven’t had a look in. Time and time again I go for the Five Ten Water Tennies. Through the winter they have been great. They’ve performed well on wet greasy rock, mud and snow/ice. The laces and eyelets are all in place and the soles are wearing incredibly well.

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Liquid Logic Stomper 90 Vs Wavesport Recon 93 – Initial Look

I have had loads of questions about how the Recon 93 compares to the Stomper 90. I’m still getting my thoughts on paper ready for a new post at the weekend. But in the meantime here are a few shots showing the two boats side by side and the outfitting of the Recon.

Liquid Logic Stomper Review – An Update

I thought that now would be a good time to assess where I was at with the Stomper. My Stomper is going strong however out of the other five guys who also paddle Stompers three have had to deal with damage and issues with the seat rails. To be honest all of these kayaks have been driven hard and have performed each and every time. I have repaired one of them a couple of times (did a proper job the 2nd time) and it is still going strong.

I have tweaked the outfitting a little and have produced a custom foam hip pad that hooks the top of my thigh. Additional padding around the thigh brace/hull has really helped and I find that I am able to drive the boat much harder into turns and it now even easier to boof. So all contact points are A1.

I’m still on the search for an airbag to fit in front of the fullplate footrest. These things were fairly easy to get when Prijon/Eskimo were a stronger force in the WW world.

Despite all of this the Stomper remains the boat of choice. Shane has released a short video about the seat rail issue, which I think is great. LL have stepped up and are sorting it out. If you have a LL boat then new rail inserts are available from your local Liquid Logic dealer.

Future tweaks will include a quick rack system for clipping kit in. This will be added to the rear of the seat.

Liquid Logic Stomper 90 – nice little review

Liquid Logic Design

Liquidlogic Stomper – Design Talk from Team Liquidlogic Kayaks on Vimeo.

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