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Duo Kayaks

Duo Kayaks or Tandem Kayaks are super fun, and are a great way to get non-paddling friends on the water. There are a number of Duo kayaks available that are suitable for both flatwater and whitewater use.

All of the Duo kayaks shown here can accommodate two adults.

Duo Kayaks

Prijon 2B

Prijon 2b

The 2B is the most recent of the three Duo kayaks listed here. Although designed for two adults Prijon also produce a child’s seat for the front cockpit of the 2B.


Length 372 cm
Width 69 cm
Volume 540 l

Eskimo Topo Duo:

It is a classic and are super tough as constructed from HTTP plastic. Two main versions have been available over the years with the two tone one shown above being the latest iteration (2005).


Length ca. ?
Width ca. ?
Volume ca. ?

Jackson Dynamic Duo


Length 365 cm
Width 68 cm
Volume 537 l


  1. Zippy

    Pyranha Fusion duo has been missed out of this illustrious list

    • Unsponsored

      Deliberately left out. It isn’t in the class as the others.

      • Marius

        Why not?

        • Unsponsored

          The boats listed are dedicated whitewater boats. I don’t see the Pyranha one as fitting in that category. It can be used for that but it isn’t its specialism if you like. In the same way I wouldn’t list a Pyranha Master (nowadays) as a great choice for whitewater when there are better options I. Pyranha’s own line up.

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