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Wave Sport News

Last week, Confluence Outdoor announced that as Wave Sport enters its 30th year, it is being refocused as a European brand, where it enjoys a strong, passionate and loyal following as a premium white water kayak brand.

Wavesport News

Moving production to Europe provides greater flexibility to add depth across popular models, to support additional market segments and to provide a broader appeal to suit European requirements and tastes. This approach has already proved to be successful for Wave Sport, as showcased by the appeal of the specially tailored outfitting of the Ethos and D-Series families which was a result of the understanding and know-how gained through years of experience in Europe.

Adding the well-known and much loved Diesel, Recon and Mobius to European production for 2016 will provide greater opportunity for everyone involved in Wave Sport during this milestone year for the brand.

You can be confident that Wave Sport remains committed to its European team, partners and dealer network to provide a successful collaboration through 2016. Keep the dates of 17th – 19th September for Paddle Expo 2015 where Wave Sport will present the concept of the range for the season ahead.


  1. David Sibley

    Where will the Diesel, Recon and Mobius be manufactured?

    • Unsponsored

      In Europe, probably at the UK facility.

  2. Buh

    When you can’t compete with Jackson Kayaks…. you move to Europe. You started this downfall when you wouldn’t listen to E.J. ( as a Wave sport employee ) You swooped in after acquiring wave sport and tried to force him into your corporate ways ( and your way was the wrong way ), So he left wave sport and started Jackson Kayaks and you have been trying to catch him ever since. Glad you finally realized you couldn’t beat his kayaks and now out of desperation moving your production to Europe before bankruptcy.
    No one believes the Confluence hype of doing it so you can “focus” on the dagger line, it’s obvious that sales are down and with you, everything is a business decision. But thanks for the laugh, it was funny to read your hype. I have bad news for you though….. Jackson Kayaks are in Europe too.
    But give yourselves some credit, it was your actions that created the idea for Jackson Kayaks. Thank you! if you hadn’t done that, I would still be paddling Riot Kayaks! ( also better than W.S. )

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