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Over the last few weeks there has been a great deal of interest in my thoughts on the Flying Squirrel versus the Recon. I have a review underway at the moment and will be publishing it after a little bit more time on the water with the Squirrel. In the meantime here are a few very initial thoughts, comparisons and specs.

Recon 93

Length: 264cm
Width: 69cm
Weight: 24kg
Volume: 352L
Paddler Weight: Range 82-125kg

Flying Squirrel 95

Length: 273cm
Width: 67cm
Weight: 23kg
Volume: 360L
Paddler Weight: Range 77-122kg

and for comparison

Stomper 90

Length: 257cm
Width: 68cm
Weight: 22kg
Volume: 341L
Paddler Weight: Range 77-122kg

To put this into context I have owned a Recon 93 since they first landed in the UK almost two years and was able to paddle a prototype even before that. The boat I owned previously was a Stomper 90.

One of the big things I here about folk say about the Recon series is that they are heavy, this is of course relative. On the shoulder there is little noticeable difference between the Recon 93, Mamba 8.6, and Flying Squirrel 95 – they are all (relatively) heavy!



Side by side the actual difference in length and width are difficult to pick up and even the profiles of the Recon and Squirrel do look similar (but they are definitely not the same)*. However this doesn’t equate to how they feel on the water.

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The Squirrel undoubtedly feels faster, acceleration is much quicker from a standing a start. My initial thoughts are that it also feels slightly more stable. Although the Recon is a very composed boat as well.

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Turning seems little bit tighter in the Squirrel and I put a great deal of that down to the rocker profile and the over acceleration possible if a couple of extra strokes are put into play.

I still love the Wavesport outfitting and am slowly getting used to being able to lift the front edge of the seat in the Squirrel. I do however need to look at where the backband currently sits by default, as that is currently feeling a little too low for my liking.

* Please note that the boats were not lined up perfectly against one another for the photos. This in addition to the angle of the shots make the Squirrel look way bigger than the Recon (and vice versa!).