Name: Aaron Kendall

Location: Loggerheads, Mold, North wales

I’m currently a outdoor instructor for Kingswood, based at the Colomendy outdoor centre. What seems to be the perfect location, although I seem to of missed most of the rain due to other commitments. Still getting plenty of low water runs in and the odd bit of water too.


Zet Raptor
Cost: £500 (2nd Hand)

This is my first true creeking boat. After taking a while to get used to it, I’m really feeling comfy in all I do in it at last. It takes a full battering due to the constant use on low water runs, giving the hull a good beating, but still showing no sign of real damage, despite it been a 3rd hand boat! Since I have been using it, it has also been used a lot as a demo boat for my colleagues first experences of the sport. This means the interior outfitting has constantly been moved and adjusted, and it’s still not showing any sign of wear. However, some of my friends have had problems with durability. If I could compare it to flight class, to paddle in would be economy rather than first class. However, it more than does the job and is simple and easy to adjust. I will most likely buy again when she does die. More than happy with the Raptor.


I use 2 paddles – Power houses: Glass £200 (new) Carbon £150 (2nd hand).

Glass 200cm Powerhouses: Really solid, never worry about snapping a blade or the shaft. However, after less then a year of usage they are now 196cm and I’m looking to replace, so slightly disappointed with durability, but still structurally solid.

I also use 192 Carbon blade Powerhouses for play boating. After lending them out over a year ago and consequently spending 2 months pinned in town falls on the dee, they found their way back to me. Still good to go!

Technical Gear:

Sweet shadrach dry cag £130 (new)

Really solid. I had a swim in a hole for about 4 minutes last year, and I was still bone dry on my top half wearing this cag. Outstanding.


Palm Spark Suit £200 (2nd Hand)

For a non dry suit it keeps me pretty dry, only had it about a month and used it about 5 times. Still beading and keeping me dry after rolls and playing, really impressed so far. Hopefully it can keep up the quality.

Palm Stikine dry suit £300 (2nd hand)

What you’d expect from a top line dry suit, Warm, Dry and Comfy! Been used on a variety of water sports sessions, worn for up to 8 hours a day, really happy, great buy.


Astral (freebie)
Amazing! perfect fit. great storage. Faultless…


Shred Full face
Shred Half Cut. Wood effect.

Great Value for money, my half cut is battered and needs to be replaced. After 8 years of use, it had just stopped working, but it has lasted me well. My full face is what I wear on most things in my raptor, taken many blows, even had a log land on my head and I’m still here! Can’t moan at all. Great value for money, even if the fit isn’t always perfect.



Bommer gear K-Bomb spray skirt £40 (2nd hand)

Solid, never let a drip through. Tough to get on when it’s dry, but when its on…again faultless. Looks really sweet with the black and white design, gets lots of attention on the river for it! If u can get your hands on one. DO IT!

Plans and targets:

Im going to focus on getting both kayak and canoe 4* signed off and UKCC level 2 coach all boxed off. Hoping to get on the glen and paddle it as much as I possibly can! But the next big step for me will be to paddle outside the UK and experience some big water paddling…. The only question is where?